London’s Ryan Suzuki heading into the OHL draft

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Ryan Suzuki is enjoying the success that him, and the London Jr. Knights are having this season. Suzuki has 19 goals, 40 assists for 59 points in only 32 games for the Knights.

Suzuki’s linemate Brett Budgell describes what’s it like to play with such a talent “we played together for most of the year now, and developed some chemistry but he makes a lot of plays and sets me up backdoor.”

Suzuki isn’t focusing on the upcoming OHL draft “just trying to play the same that I have been the whole year, and not trying to focus too much on what’s going on outside of hockey and just play my game.” Suzuki still has to play the Alliance Finals and the OHL Cup before the draft.

“I’m a pass type of player, I like to look for my wingers” said Suzuki, co-coach of the Knights Greg Benedetti described Suzuki as a year “his offense and in the dressing he’s a leader, ¬†everyone sees how hard he works and want’s to be just like him.”

Ryan’s older brother Nick Suzuki, one of the leaders for the Owen Sound Attack in the OHL reflects how he is helping his younger brother out in the lead up to the draft “he went through it with me pretty close when I went through it and I’m always here if he needs it.”

Growing up together helped become the players they are today “Everytime I watch him I see something that I want to try, and vice versa, I always try to help out whenever I can being the older brother, it’s really nice seeing him be a good player heading into the draft,” Nick would also go on to add that they play similar styles “we were kinda taught the same, can see the ice really well, and he’s (Ryan) is a really good skater.”

Ryan isn’t the only one excited as his father, Rob Suzuki is thrilled to see his son graduate to the OHL “it’s just really exciting, you kind of dream about it when they are really little, you always kinda think that it might happen but you almost hesitate to believe it could happen because the odds are so low.”

The OHL Priority Selection is set to take place Saturday Apirl 8th.



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