Buying local in London

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

With new stores popping up in downtown London almost every month, the new hype is around buying London based brands. Brands such as Illbury and Goose and MoodandCo candles have been expanding rapidly through London.moodandco

Buying local made and produced items have a strong impact on a customers decision to buy the item says owner of Illbury and Goose Daniel Phillips, ” yes absolutely, we make and produce everything here in London and have it screened in Toronto. I think people value that over something made over seas.”

Although starting a company can be very challenging, having a firm grasp on the local market is very important.

” London is my home now so its important for me to connect with the city as much as I can with Illbury and Goose” Said Daniel.

Illbury and Goose and MoodandCo candles are only the beginning of London based companies, be on the lookout for more coming soon.



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