The power of mompreneurs

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The Mompreneurs is a organization based around supporting, motivating and promotion of women entrepreneurs across Canada.  Members can work with out members in the organization to look for ideas, motivation and share ideas.

There are over forty mompreneurs in London and that number is growing all the time. There are different kinds of memberships, starting off with basic and it goes all the way to an elite membershipnutritionbiteslogo. Each membership has its perks and benefits.

Sandra Venneri a Mompreneur member and owner of Nutrition Bites says she wouldn’t be in the spot she in today without the mompreneurs help, ” No not at all, the mompreneurs are so understanding and if you want to take the extra jump into full time entrepreneurism they are here to help you achieve your dreams.”

The mompreneurs  has developed into multiple team members and chapter locations across the country, a non-profit arm in partnership with the Federal Government of Canada and Coca-Cola Canada, a national Award Series and Conference, and a quarterly magazine.

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