Party hard, London

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Earlier in the year, we caught up on Canada’s history as part of Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Now we’re halfway through March and it is once again time to check up with Canada 150 coordinator Lia Karidas about the events offered in London this year.

We’ve already seen Eric Church, Billy Talent, Dierks Bentley, Simple Plan, and a number of other big name musicians come through the Forest City.

With over 70 events that have either already happened or slated for later this year, there is no reason not to go out and explore the city.

c150-logo-red-nouvnew_1469624863855_eng“We have a few surprises planned and lots going on this year to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.”

With Rock The Park announcing rap artists Wiz Khalifa and Fetty Wap will headline the summer festival, it has garnered lots of interest as to what else is in store for the city.

“I’m really excited to see what else is going on besides all the concerts. I really like the plays that have been in the Grand Theatre this year.” Said one Londoner on the streets.

“It’s been a great year. We had the Antique Roadshow in February which was really exciting to see in person and the Monster Trucks we’re a cool thing to see as a family.” Added another Londoner.

On top of the London Knights having yet another stellar OHL campaign, the London Lighting of the NBL are setting franchise records. So they’ve been entertaining night in and night out for London.

July 1st is coming up and will be here before we know it, and Karidas says not only is it the main event, it’s completely different this year as it has in previous celebrations.

“We’re planning to operate on sort of a passport system. What that means is you’d be able to travel across London to our 10 locations that’s different everywhere, and it allows you to see parts of London you might not normally come to.”

There will be events at each pit stop and it will be fun for the whole family.


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