Trump’s tax returns still causing a stir in the American public

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The White House have released a 2 page document containing  President Donald Trump’s tax returns in 2005 that saw the media mogul pay 38 million in taxes on an income of more than 150 million dollars. The American media and public have been pushing for Trump to release his finances for months and now this is a huge win for the public but questions and issues are still concerning the president which includes the long delay on the release and more vital information still  not being released.

Donald Abelson, the chairman for the political science department at Western University says that the 2 pages don’t provide enough information, “Most presidents have been willing to release their tax returns and President Trump has been the anomaly. You are looking at 2 pages of 100’s of pages that american voters have yet to see.”

The President has promised to release his tax returns during his election campaign but Abelson says that Trump is concealing vital information, ” investments he has, holdings in foreign countries, and a lot of other information  that people are interested in finding about. If he has nothing to hide, he would release them but he still continues on not allowing the documents released and questions being asked as he wants people to forget about it.  His best move forward is to be transparent and what he wants to share to the american public.”

This tax return issue still will continue to plague Trump as Abelson says that this will affect his reputation with the American public, ” Of course, many of his supporters are not discouraged by this. However many people have questions to ask including the investments he has, connections around the globe, and the claims about his net worth and that is what people want the answers to.”



Trump also lashed out at a reporter earlier in the morning after a report was released last night by the media detailing the President’s tax returns but  Abelson says that Trump needs to grow up, ” He needs to stop tweeting  and engage in some serious reflection about the policies he needs to move forward on. I wish he would spend less time reacting to press coverage and more time on moving the country forward.”

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