Local Panel tackles Robots Ethics

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Local Panel tackles Robots Ethics

The London Public Library was host to a number of Panellists consisting of Professors of ethics, Policymakers, and industry leaders to look at a number of topics surrounding robot ethics.

The Panel looked at a wide variety of topics in the robotics industry. These topics consisted of how we handle robots intergrading into the healthcare system, how we should program discussion making skills into newer automated cars and what do we do when robots start having human qualities.

Another major talking point of the panel was the future of robotics and what our future with technology looks like. Most panellists agreed that drones and robots that help rather than to serve will be huge in the years to come.

The Library is expected to host a couple more panels looking at robot ethics both today and tomorrow for anyone in the public to attend for free.

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