Dealing with a gambling addiction

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Any addiction is hard to crack, but a gambling one can be destructive in many ways.

Whether it be financially or emotionally, betting money away excessively and uncontrollably is a path that leads to nothing but hurt for all connected.

Kathleen Dindoff is a professor of psychology at Fanshawe College.

According to her, it’s not well known to what extent a gambling addiction can go.

“It can be a huge problem and it’s an addiction that is, once addicted, very very tough to quit,” Dindoff says. “Total abstinence is rare and not a realistic goal.”

That being said, it’s not like everyone out there is going to bet their life away.

Dindoff explains that it can come down to a psychological disorder that inhibits someone’s ability to walk away.

“I think that people are all unacceptable, but there are certain behaviours which may correlate with personality characteristics that make someone more susceptible,” says Dindoff.

Those personalities tend to find more vices that are addictive, so even if one is dealt with, another may rear it’s ugly head and launch the victim into a new spiral of addiction.

The best treatment, Dindoff explains, is to acknowledge that a problem exists, and seek out help as soon as possible.


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