Spring is here but don’t remove those winter tires yet

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Spring is here but don't remove those winter tires yet

The long awaited spring has finally arrived in London after a long and dreadful winter.

Even though in provinces such as Quebec winter tires can legally come off cars as of March 15th,  Kevin Tomlinson with Hanford Tires in London is advising those in the forest city to hit the brakes on the idea.

“Winter tires should be taken off when temperatures reach 7 degrees and stay consistent. A lot of insurance company’s do have a policy of removal after April 1st”

Consistent is the key word, we have lacked consistent weather all year round in London. According to Environment Canada projections for the next coming weeks in London the weather will fluctuate, reaching double digits but then dropping back to below zero. The most safe call is to wait until April arrives, and if your insurance companies offer premiums for having winter tires their policy will require you to keep them till April 1st anyway.

In addition there no negatives to keeping the winter tires on for longer to play it safe in case an unexpected winter storm arrives.

There is no danger in keeping them on through out the summer months, other than pre mature wear, and poor fuel mileage.”

Kevin also adds his recommendations if you are looking for new tires for the summer.

Summer tires  are good for cornering and dry pavement. All season tires are better for spring, summer, and fall. Better traction, usually tread last longer, and usually priced better than a summer only tire.”

Though there are no legal obligations in Ontario as to when winter tires can come off or on, the best time according to professionals is  in April.

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