Ontario health care centres hydro bills are soaring high

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Ontario health care centres hydro bills are soaring high

Ontario hospitals are not immune to the growing hydro bill rates.

In documents obtained via information request, charts show London Health Sciences hydro bills sky rocketed even though the hospital decreased it’s hydro consumption by 13 per cent. This still managed to grow hydro bill by 29 per cent over a six-year period.

At the same time this information has come out, the Ontario liberal government under Kathleen Wynne announced less funding for health care across Ontario. Meaning this puts hospitals and health care centres under a lot of pressure on a already suffering system.

But London is not alone in the problem. The hydro bill for Niagara soared 96 per cent during a six-year period. Niagara Health’s electricity costs increased $2.8 million between 2010 and 2016. NDP leader Andrea Horwath who has been on the frontline in tackling the current hydro problem had many words to say on these recently disclosed documents.

“Health care is at a tipping point in Ontario, there have already been frontline workers laid off at many hospitals, and with skyrocketing hydro bills, hospitals are being squeezed tighter.”

Horwath recently expressed the parties intent to cut hydro bills by as much as 30 per cent and put Hydro One back into the hands of the public which would add an additional $7 billion to the province.

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