Hockey Canada to make smaller ice surfaces for young hockey players

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Hockey Canada to make smaller ice surfaces for young hockey players

Hockey Canada says it will be mandatory that children are getting reduced ice surfaces to play hockey. 

Online forums have surfaced causing a stir of how half ice rinks could not allow a young hockey player to fulfill their full potential on the ice.

However, some are saying that having a reduce ice size for younger hockey players can be beneficial as it will allow more puck control, more plays and more scoring opportunities.

Dave Sooth is a coach here in London. “It depends on the programs, different programs evolve around skating and different programs evolve around actual hockey. If you have a program that that evolves around skating then it won’t affect it at all. If you have a program that evolves around hockey then it will definitely have an impact.” 

Tim Austin is a hockey dad. His daughter plays for the Wolverines. ” I don’t think it matters for the development of a five or six year old. Both of my kids when they were five and six they both played on smaller ice surfaces. For a five and six year old going up and down half an ice I don’t think it makes any difference. 

 Austin says once they get into Novice League and playing other teams that’s when they need to have the full ice.

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