Marijuana and education discussed in Jane Philpott’s London visit

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Marijuana and education discussed in Jane Philpott's London visit

She may be the health minister however Jane Philpott spoke largely on the newly introduced budget that will help advance education.

Canada is looking to have one of the most talented, skilled, creative and diverse work forces in all the world and that can’t be done if there are still those struggling to achieve education according to Philpott.

“In order to provide more opportunities to those seeking education, part of the federal budget will introduce more non-repayable student grants which will see 23,000 more students receive extra support.

Jane proceeded to congratulate Fanshawe College on the tremendous work that is being done in helping further students in the trade and provide access to more resources. But the question on everyones mind and the unavoidable topic was legalization of marijuana.

According to a CBC report Sunday, the Liberal government is set to announce legislation next month that would legalize recreational pot by July 1, 2018. The report also unveiled the plan to set the legal age of marijuana purchase to 18-years-old which some have criticized as to young.

Responding to reporter questions on why is the legal age for marijuana is  being set to 18 and not 25, when the medical community has stated the teenage brain does not finish developing until then, Jane Philpott reminded everyone that it is still an on-going conversation.

“We know Canada has one of the highest uses of ¬†Marijuana amongst young people in the world with 30-percent having access. The marijuana task force has met with Canadians and experts that have made a number of recommendations, but nothing has been set officially set and Canadians will find out once the legislation is set.”

The legislation will be announced during the week of April 10th.


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