Millennials and money

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Millennials and money

The ministry is piloting a program that will be mandatory for grade 10 students to take. The students will get introduced about budgeting and saving in the early years of their high school education.

Tricia Barry is the executive director of Money School Canada and a former banker.

“It’s so important, I’ve been advocating for financial literacy in the schools since 2009. It’s without an early understanding of some of the vocabulary and concepts that under pin good financial behaviours – like millennials don’t have a chance.”

Barry thinks these skills are important early on in your life.

“I would like to see that introduced in grade 9 and I’m very concerned this initiative will leave elementary students out in the cold. Many research studies have shown that when starting early were attitude and behaviours are being formed, there will be an understanding of value with tradeoff and getting the most of your money.”

Barry says these programs are important, as some parents are not prepared to teach financial literacy.

“The basics are critical. “

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