Cheese theft

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Cheese theft

Recently an investigation went underway when a Village Cheese Mill was broken into and resulted into stolen cheese and items being taken from the store.

The stolen goods resulted into a large amount of value lost.

But what makes cheese a stolen target? Liz Payne is a Proprietor at The Milky Whey, which is a cheese shop outside of London. Payne was holding a Italian cheese which came all the way from Italy.

“I’ve only got like a third of a wheel of this cheese and its not that big so if you were going to take the whole wheel it would be three times that so almost 300 dollars worth of cheese on a small wheel.”

The different types of cheese result into a variety of prices. She says cheese has a good resale value.

“It’s expensive because it has truffles in it, which are hard to come by. Truffles are an expensive commodity. The cheese also has shear milk in it, which is also expensive.”

“I get my cheese from all over the place.”

When it comes to preventing a break in, it’s important to install a good security system.

“I have a pretty elaborate security system. The alarm would go off and the police would show up.”


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