Medical marijuana – a growing industry

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Medical marijuana - a growing industry

With the Liberal government announcing that we’ll see legal marijuana hit the streets by Canada day of 2018, it’s got a lot of heads turning. Just recently in London, two new medical marijuana clinics have opened. The Ready to Go clinic on Richmond just opened it’s doors this week, and the Cannabinoid Medical Clinic on Thompson Rd are two of the three clinics that offer a medical marijuana application process. The third however, Shop 420 has been around for years.


This small time smoke shop has been offering the paperwork for marijuana users to apply for their license for over 5 years, says Ashley, a shop employee. “It’s important to let people know that there are alternatives to prescribed opioids, especially if you’re looking for a natural remedy” Ashley adds.

Medicine Bottle with Hydrocodone Label and Tablets

With almost 100,000 documented medical marijuana users in Canada, up almost 25,000 since September, it’s no question that medical marijuana use is on the rise, and could potentially help with┬áthe opioid crisis in Canada.

Applying for your medical license

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