London soccer field vandalism caught on church security camera

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

StoneyCreek Baptist Church Security Footage

Stoneycreek Baptist Church rents their soccer field to the Norwest Soccer Club in the summer, but after 2 people drove onto the field in their SUV to do donuts the field needs to be fixed before it can be used.

As the video shows, the SUV parks behind the church and 2 people step out, one to keep watch and one to break into the church. After failing to break into the church the suspects get back into the SUV and drive straight onto the field.


The vandalism left the field torn up and unusable, and left the Norwest Soccer Club scrambling to find a new field for the kids to play on. The field was going to be used by kids from the ages 9 – 18 but now they’ll have to find somewhere new.¬†Volunteer coach Michelle Kervin-Palleschi says “the little ones may be on a field at Hastings. But it’s not ideal as there is very little parking for so many kids” Michelle also said the repairs could take till mid June but it will be a costly process.

The suspects came back on March 4th around the same time and again drove on the field to do donuts. Pastor Mark Farrow said the police haven’t caught them yet but they have been keeping an eye on the church overnight. Anyone with information¬†is encouraged to contact the police.

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