New Fanshawe grad program will have you outstanding in your field

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New Fanshawe grad program will have you outstanding in your field

Interested in business but also have a passion for farming? Now you don’t have to choose between the two! Fanshawe College’s London campus is getting a new graduate certificate program.

The Agri-Business Management Program will give students an education in managing relationships typical in cultivation, production, and other areas of farming.

Agribusiness is the study of agricultural production – managing every step of the supply chain from farm to table and everything in between.

“Meeting a lot of community leaders and getting involved in the community, working with different partners coming into the program, and giving us insight on their success and their struggles”, said Mike Backus, Simcoe campus grad, about his favourite parts of the program.

He says the program incorporates all the new elements of 21st century farming, and gives students a competitive edge in the field.
“You learn a bit about technology, you learn a bit about social media, a little bit about spraying and marketing. So it kind of takes all of those abstract ideas that you didn’t think farmers had to do, but now they have to.”
The program offers traditional lectures and practical hands-on training, as well as a six week field placement, giving you the experience you need to succeed.


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