Cheeseburger in vegan paradise

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Cheeseburger in vegan paradise

Have you ever gotten a veggie burger craving at 2 in the morning and couldn’t find a way to fill it? Well now Globally Local has you covered. The brand new 24 hour vegan fast food drive-thru had it’s grand opening yesterday¬†at their location at the corner of Highbury and Landor Street.

James McInnes and his wife Lia started Globally Local 4 years ago making prepared vegan meal kits, now they have a full fast food restaurant in downtown London and their new drive-thru. They sell fast food style vegan food, anything from their famous burger(their version of a Big Mac) to a Maple Crunch Breakfast Sandwich to a Great Gyro.

McInnes says their first day was very successful and full of happy car bound customers, including their first customer who video tapped the entire experience¬†of being the first to try out the drive-thru. He says people are coming from all over, not just London to try out their “food movement,” a movement to change the fast food industry and it’s a perfect time for a vegan restaurant to try it, “The world is right for change, especially with huge issues like climate change and people understanding the big impacts of animal agriculture” McInnes said adding that with the higher and higher number of obese people in the world, it’s time for people to adapt to a plant based diet.

Globally Local is only just serving their plant based fast food to London at the moment, but McInnes plans to expand on a global level in the near future.

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