A million reasons for Brescia to celebrate

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A million reasons for Brescia to celebrate

A lot more things will be possible at Brescia University College thanks to the Ursuline Sisters of Chatham.

Apart handing out Brescia’s single largest donation ever, a total of one million dollars, the Ursuline Sisters also founded the university back in 1919 and have provided immense support throughout the past century.

This isn’t the first act of generosity from the Ursuline Sisters, Dr. Susan Mumm, Principal of Brescia University College, mentions that in the past “they were gifts to artistic and musical enterprises…[and to] support the environment”. Dr. Mumm adds that the gift to Brescia is “intended to support and honour women’s leadership and women’s higher education”.

“It makes so much possible that simply wasn’t possible without it”

Dr. Mumm mentions that people working at Brescia see the donation as a massive “vote of confidence” for the working being done at Canada’s only university-level women’s college. She says that, “it’s always wonderful to get a gift like this because it makes so much possible that simply wasn’t possibly without it”.

As for what will be done with the donation, faculty, staff, and students will all be invited to share ideas on how the money will be used on an annual basis.

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