Majors show major appreciation for alumni

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chickenSaturday, July 22, the London Majors will be hosting their first-ever Alumni Day.

Former London Major Barry Boughner is in charge of organizing this event and says this year seemed liked the perfect one to start this tradition since it’s the park’s 140th birthday.

The day will include special events such as the performance of a world-famous sports mascot.

Ted Giannoulas, known as the San Diego Chicken, is coming back home to celebrate the special occasion at Labatt Park.


1969 London Pontiacs’ center-fielder Arden Eddie and manager Roy McKay. PHOTO: Courtesy of Alex McKay

“He grew up here…He loves the park as much as the rest of us do, so he’s coming back for nothing. He’s not gonna charge anybody a penny to perform”, Boughner said.

An hour prior to the game, Labatt Park is inviting fans to visit the Roy McKay Clubhouse.

On the special day, fans will be able to view rare memorabilia and meet London Majors’ alumni including those from the 1969 London Pontiacs and the 1975 London Majors teams.

Built in 1937, the clubhouse is designated a historic site under the Ontario Heritage Act and was named after former player Roy McKay.

Boughner says that fans will really enjoy touring the clubhouse

“The dressing room comradery is the most important thing in sports. Playing comes second to what goes on in the dressing room. You connect with players, you learn about their family, you learn about their history…and of course once the game starts, it’s all about the game.”

London Majors' player (1967-2000), manager and owner, Arden Eddie. PHOTO: Courtesy of Arden Eddie.

London Majors’ player (1967-2000), manager and owner, Arden Eddie. PHOTO: Courtesy of Arden Eddie.


Boughner has been busy organizing Alumni Day and says that the day isn’t just special for fans, but for former players such as himself. He adds that some of the fondest memories of his career were the ones spent as a London Major.

“It was the best team I’ve ever played on in my life and I played six years of professional hockey. I played on the National Hockey League, I played on the American Hockey League, but the 1975 London Majors was the greatest team I ever played on.”

 At 7:35 the London Majors will be facing the Brantford Red Sox of the Inter-County Baseball League

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