Local Entrepreneurs Improve The Wedding Planning Process

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Local  Entrepreneurs Improve The Wedding Planning Process

With wedding season booming in the fall, two  London-based entrepreneurs have developed a unique way to match couples with wedding vendors.

Derek Lamoureux and Mitchell Bennett are the co-founders of We’re Weddings, a website that matches couples with wedding vendors in up to five minutes, in order to plan their dream wedding.

” If they’re looking for a photographer or any other vendors, we ask them to fill out a questionnaire when they sign up, which will help us judge who is going to work out best for them,” says Lamoureux.

“From there, we reach out to vendors in our system already and match them up with couples to begin the wedding planning process.”

According to Lamoureux, this program is unique to the wedding industry, which he says, is in dire need of change.

“The next generation of people getting married wants things fast, they want things to be better technologically speaking, so we are trying to change the way you would find information traditionally into a new and upbeat way that better matches the demographics of those getting married,” says Lamoureux.

According to Bennett and Lamoureux, the only way someone can find vendors for their weddings is to look through a directory. We’re Weddings does that process for the customer, allowing couples to focus entirely on planning their weddings with the vendor rather than searching for them first.

We’re Weddings is a relatively new business, but for Bennett and Lamoureux, they say business is booming.

“Currently, we are servicing Southwestern Ontario, the GTA, Kingston, Ottawa, and British Columbia, and are developing an app to make our service more accessible,” says Bennett.

He adds that the idea stemmed from his love for music and wanting to find gigs for musicians, but Lamoureux explained how weddings would be the perfect business to get into.

“Derek and I discussed the idea for We’re Weddings over chicken wings one night, and after talking to our friends and family, we decided that this was a revolutionary idea that would not just make a basic income for us, but possibly change the industry as a whole,” says Bennett.

We’re Weddings is  slated to launch officially later this fall, but wedding vendors and couples interested can currently sign up for free and begin getting matches today.

If you would like to find out more, you can visit  http://wereweddings.com/.

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