Cyclist Accidents Create Debate On Campus

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Cyclist Accidents Create Debate On Campus

An assistant Professor at Huron University College, Thomas Peace, was involved in a collision on Western’s campus between himself and a vehicle. Peace is now calling for more accessibility and better cycling infrastructure on campus and in the London area.

The administration has stated they are looking to improve cycling infrastructure and accessibility following a grant, but there is little information on when that money will come in.

Meanwhile, Western University is receiving frequent pressure from students to increase parking space for vehicles on campus, which would leave less space for bicycle accessibility.

Matt Owens, a Western student, and cyclist for over 10 years, urges the University to focus on expanding infrastructure and accessibility for cyclists on campus after he was recently involved in a serious cyclist accident. Owens escaped with minor injuries while the other party was taken to the hospital via ambulance to treat a concussion, a broken hip, and a possible broken arm.

“Western has a great reputation of having a lot of student housing right around campus,” says Owens, “which is a walking distance or biking distance away. Having more bike designated roads and bike parking would improve the parking situation for vehicles as well.”


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