The f word

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X


A highly controversial word that has come to develop an array of definitions depending on who you talk to. These multiple meanings stem from the misconception that feminism is about taking away men’s rights and not about gender equality in society.

According to Forbes, women in powerful leadership roles stand at 24% in the workforce- a low percentage compared to men. This is just one example of an issue that feminists are trying to dismantle.

Radio DJ, Professor and Feminist, Amanda Lynn Stubley believes that “people value women’s work less quite often”. As a former insurance adjuster, she has experienced her own gender inequity as a result of the gender wage gap.

“I was underpaid compared to other people in my industry and they were mostly men,” this pay inequity can be seen across the workforce with women in high power jobs. Amanda goes on to explain the reasoning behind this, “I was quite young when I started that job and was keen on being nice…I didn’t push at the beginning.”

Now a Radio DJ with a voice, Amanda believes that in order to empower women, she encourages them to attend Take Back the Night, an event where women take over the streets of London to raise awareness that, “Women don’t experience walking around at night the same way as men,” as well as to “speak up and support each other” in the strive for gender equality.

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