Fanshawes New Wellness Centre Has Lots to Offer

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

img_0067Many Fanshawe students are getting their first look at the brand new renovations done in J building. The renovations include a brand new state of the art wellness centre.

The wellness centre was designed to help students take their minds off school. Nap areas and meeting rooms were designed for students to aid their mental health.

The college has seen a 68 percent increase in full time students since the original gym was built in 1993. Fanshawe was in need of a new gym, the old one was not large enough and couldn’t keep up with the population growth at Fanshawe.

The new wellness centre didn’t come at a cheap price. The construction totalled over $24 million. While a new gym and wellness centre is a great thing to have, is it more important than improving things like other programs or other parts of the school?

Some students may think the new wellness centre was a waste of money that only benefits people who work out. It is much more than that, students should take advantage of all the facilities it now offers. Full time students get access to the gym simply with their student card. If you are stressed out about school or anything else, this might be the perfect place to take your mind off of those things.

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