Snapstreaks and friendship

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Snapchat is a popular social networking app, and it’s redefining how we socialize with one another. Everything is in the moment with pictures and messages that disappear after opening, unlike most platforms where it’s stored forever. Their app design has created a way for us to keep scores on our friendships, this is called a Snapstreak.

When you snap a person for 3 or more days consecutively, a fire Emoji and day count appears beside their name. You have to Snapchat each other once a day at least in order to maintain and grow your streak.

Snapstreaks are addicting, according to Western University student Marissa Mistry. She told XFM News that they’re taken seriously in her friend group and have caused fights in the past.

“Some people actually get upset when you lose your streak that you had for a while and they feel like your entire friendship has crumbled because of it” – Marissa Mistry

The idea that your friendship is conditional based on maintaining a number has people equating losing a streak with losing a friend. Senior Manager of Counselling and Accessibility Services at Fanshawe College Suzanne Book says that this is concerning. These exceptions don’t relate to what real friendship is.

This fear of losing your Snapstreaks has forced some teens to opt out of family vacations and cottage weekends. Book also says that this pressure is known to cause anxiety and depression.


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