Harry Potter course spawns a Harry Potter club at Western University

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Harry Potter course spawns a Harry Potter club at Western University

Clubs Week at Western University will be going on all week long in the UCC on campus. Amongst some of the stapled clubs emerges a relatively new club with a niche audience: Dumbledore’s Army, a-k-a The Harry Potter Club. VP of Finance, Emily Davison has been involved with the club since it started last year and she says it has been her favourite club that she’s been apart of at Western.

The club has tons of Harry Potter themed events, the largest being the Yule Ball social. The club also offers free peer-to-peer tutoring for the Harry Potter course at Western.

That’s right, there is a Harry Potter course at Western. But before you go signing up to cast spells and find Fantastic Beasts, you should know that it is an English Literature course. (Which is a close second). 2092F: The Many Faces of Harry Potter, is taught by Professor Ceraldi and is the perfect course for every Harry Potter fan out there, including Emily Davison.

“She (referring to Professor Ceraldi) is amazing and so passionate, and so dedicated. You read through all seven of the Harry Potter books and you examine them and analyze them from different perspectives. You meet a bunch of people who love Harry Potter and you get to read Harry Potter for your homework so what’s not to love?” – Emily Davison, VP FInance of Dumbledore’s Army

Although the club is very new, Davison says they are constantly adding new events and ways to be involved on campus. and if you love Harry Potter, then this is the perfect club for you. 

“If you like Harry Potter, then you need to join,” says Davison, “everyone is so open and inviting. Plus, you already have that common connection over Harry Potter so it’s easy to make connections with people and develop new friendships. Even if you only like Harry Potter a little bit, the club is a great way to get involved.

Clubs Week runs Monday to Friday this week. Go to the UCC on Concrete Beach to sign up for some of Western’s 180 different clubs, or visit www.uwo.ca/campus_life for more info.

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