Youth awards at the boys and girls club

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The Boys and Girls club of London held their youth awards and scholarships ceremony last night. The event serves to honor students, volunteers, and donors of the MAP program. The MAP program stands for My Action Plan to Education, and it serves as an academic support for students as young as grade 4, all the way up to post-secondary.

Arden McClean, the program manager at the club, says that students often come in expecting to only grow academically, then realize their characters have grown immensely by the time they finish.

“When they enter the program, they join as students seeking educational support. However, thanks to the relationships they build here with peers and mentors, they grow as people. They grow more as individuals without even noticing it.”


Chief executive officer of the boys and girls club, Chris Harvey, giving a speech yesterday.


One focus the club looks to tackle for next year is getting a deeper student to mentor relationship built.

“We’re maintaining a similar program. We’re always looking to accommodate more students. One way we plan on doing this is by having a larger focus on mentorship as well as tutoring. Providing more support in terms of developing a mentorship relationship is one way it’ll help connect our students into the community”

The club already has hundreds of students who were honored last night, but hopes they can honor twice as many next year.





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