Breast Cancer Awareness

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Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer among women. One in nine women is identified with breast cancer in Canada and one in ninety men are diagnosed with the disease as well. Cancer is the disease in which the cells and the body goes out of control. When the cancer starts in the breast it’s called breast cancer, accept for skin cancer ,breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women worldwide. According to Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation almost 26,300 women and 230 men were diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

October is the month of raising awareness about breast cancer and taking actions to save several lives at the Canadian Cancer Society.

Dr. Sudeep Pandey says,” we advice screening for breast cancer, screening means checking a woman’s breast for cancer before she has any symptoms. We do it by doing a mammogram, it’s an extra picture of a breast , mammograms are the best way to detect breast cancer in earlier stage , when it’s easier to treat it and before its big enough or to feel and cause and symptoms.”

Dr. Pandey suggests and encourages every women in the age group of 50-74 years old should have a screening mammogram every 2 years.

He further says,” if you’re in the age  group of 40-49 and you think you have a higher risk of having breast cancer, with the risk factors like being younger at the time of your first menstrual period, never have given birth to a child, being at older age at the birth of your first child, family history of breast cancer, changing in some genes which we call brca 1 or brca2 and if your breast are exposed to radiation therapy , then one should ask their doctor for mammogram screening right away.”

Almost 639 Women were identified with a family history of breast cancer who had undergone bilateral prophylactic mastectomy: 214 at high risk and 425 at moderate risk. The median length of follow-up was 14 years.  According to Gail Model , which offers  a way to predict what would have been the expected incidence of breast cancer in the cohort of women who elected to undergo bilateral prophylactic mastectomy.


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