2017 NASH Cup in full swing

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

This week the 2017 NASH Cup is in full swing at the London Squash and Fitness Club.

The tournament draws players from across the world, including England, Malaysia, and Pakistan. The competitors are among the world’s best squash players, forcing each game to be an intense match-up.

The NASH Cup is a week-long competition featuring single-elimination squash. Players come out each evening and play what is referred to as Par-11 squash, meaning that they are required to score 11 points and win the best three out of five games in order to take the match.

Jay Nash is the lead sponsor and tournament host. Since the beginning in 2003, the tournament has expanded each year with region wide involvement. Members from Maple City Squash ran an exhibition in Chatham and many individuals from Waterloo have travelled down to watch the games.

Nash explained that it is the community involvement that has helped the tournament evolve each year. “It just continues to grow because people are seeing this as an event they want to be at.”
The volunteer committee includes members from London Squash and GoodLife Fitness in Citi Plaza.

NASH Cup Championship Trophy

With a $15,000 USD purse for men and a $15,000 USD purse for women, the NASH Cup is recognized globally as the best of its type. Nash highlighted that, “If you watch professional squash, the name of this tournament comes up in conversation among the pros unlike any other club.”

The NASH Cup now has representation on the global committee that oversees professional squash, which Nash said is an honour for both the London Squash and Fitness Club and squash in the region.

The tournament runs into the weekend and all games are streamed online. Nash encourages individuals in London to come out to the games because, “you won’t find better squash.”


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