The sky is the limit for the London Airshow

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The sky is the limit for the London Airshow

Returning for its second year after a 12-year gap, the London Airshow is back and better than ever. With the enormous amount of community support received, the show is expected to expand to welcome a larger global presence. Organizers hope the show will be recognized as an “air tattoo”, where pilots and fighters from around the world will come to London to meet for airshow weekends and participate in the exhibition.

Recognized as Canada’s largest airshow and third largest in North America, the military-power themed show exclusively showcases the most advanced technology. Aircrafts such as the new F-35 and F-22, the most technologically advanced fighters, are just two of the outstanding spectacles that this weekend offers.

Highly-anticipated show, largest in the country

“People are coming from miles to see this”, says Gerry Vanderhoek, the Director of Flight Operations. Vanderhoek and Jim Graham, chair of the board for the Airshow, have been aviation enthusiasts since a young age, sitting at the end of runways to watch the shows year after year.

Mayor Matt Brown made an early appearance hours before the gates opened for the airshow’s first day. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) was greeted by the mayor himself and MP Peter Fragiskatos as they landed from their long journey.

“The show is nothing short of phenomenal, I’m most excited to see the snowbirds! It’s Canada’s 150th birthday, it’s such an incredible show, and I’ll be here with my kids later today.” says Mayor Brown.


The show has support from the U.S. Military, the Canadian Airforce, and the Royal Australian Air Force, showcasing planes exclusive to this event. Participants at future airshows can expect to see even larger aerospace defense contractors present.

“We wanted to support our local charities: The Children’s Health Foundation, Veterans at Parkway Hospital, as well as the Norton School of Aviation at Fanshawe college. We were invited to take a look at any possibility of bringing the airshow back – and not just bring it back, but build it to something that not only stood out for the region, but for the nation and the whole world,” said Graham.

Future Impacts

Not only it is one of those events that connect the entire community together, but it offers financial support to local charities and economic growth. “We really hope not only does it become an international air tattoo, but that it also helps with economic development, so that a lot of the folks trained at Fanshawe and other aviation and all the other programs, will have jobs in London once they graduate,” says Graham.

Vanderhoek adds, “we are proud of this city and we are going to make it the best!”

“Get out here tonight! It’s going to be incredible. Kids are going to be excited, car alarms will be going off, it’s going to be awesome. I’d like to welcome everybody to the real fighter town!”

Next destination for London Airshow: the world.

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