Success on and off the court

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A demanding schedule is the status quo for varsity athletes. A unique balance between school and sports is required to have success both on the court and in the classroom.

This balance is one that Haly Hawkins has managed to perfect. Heading into her third year of Graphic Design and second year on the Fanshawe Women’s Basketball team, her hard work has been recognized by the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association.

Hawkins was recently awarded the CCAA National Scholar Award, which aims to recognize the outstanding academic accomplishments of CCAA student athletes. The award is given to individuals who achieve honours standing throughout the academic year. For Hawkins, this award applies to the 2016-2017 season; the same season that the team won a bronze medal at the provincial championships.

Hawkins learned a lot about work ethic and sacrifice throughout her first year on the team. Between workouts, practices, games, and tournaments, any free time was consumed by assignments and studying. Once she got used to the demanding schedule, Hawkins began to see how playing varsity basketball helped shape her work ethic. “Basketball keeps me on my toes. If I only had school to worry about, I would have a lot of free time. But given this busy schedule, I’m consistently motivated to stay on top of my responsibilities.”

Falcon’s celebrate OCAA bronze medal for 2016-2017 season

Hawkins highlighted that the biggest lesson she has learned from playing varsity basketball is the importance of teamwork. Even though she has been an athlete her whole life, Hawkins stated that playing at the college level has shown her how crucial it is to work well with those around you. “If you can work well with those around you, that’s when you’ll have the most success.”

In terms of keys to success for student athletes and college students alike, Hawkins keeps it simple. “Keep a planner, make sure you know your various schedules and communicate with your teachers. If you stay on top of things, it makes the busy schedule much more enjoyable.”




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