Is Veganism a Affordable diet for the average college student?

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Is Veganism a Affordable diet for the average college student?

Over the last thirty to fifty years, veganism has evolved and become a major part of the food industry and the way people shop.  From grocery stores to restaurants, we’ve embedded vegan and vegetarianism into so many places in London.

Globally Local is the first fast food all vegan fast food place. They offer a variety of different replicas of famous burgers like the big mac a.k.a  Big MACinnes. They use beans,tofo and chickpeas as meat substitutes and yeasts for cheese since they create that salty cheese flavor for dairy replacements.


James McInnes, the owner of this restaurant tries to use as many local products as possible with as little to zero gmos. McInnes plans on expanding not only his menu but his locations as he wants to see healthy foods become more popular in the fast food industry.

London also offers more sit down and dine restaurants that are exclusively vegan. One of these restaurants is  Plants Matter. Only just been created a year ago, this restaurant focuses on healthy, comfort food. With a wide range of selection, it has practically everything you see on a non vegan menu.

They use all local,  a hundred percent organic products in all their food. Glenn Whitehead, the owner of Plants matter started his restaurant to offer Londoners a healthier alternative to dining. He states over seventy-five percent of his customers aren’t vegan but like to eat their because its healthier and tastes so similar to meat or cheese.


Is practicing this dietary lifestyle more expensive? Are these substitutes more pricey than the real thing? Globally Local is around the same price as an average fast food join like McDonalds. With meat and dairy being two of the most expensive grocery items, its safe to say you won’t be spending more after you went vegan.



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