London’s feral frenzy

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London is doing everything it can to aid the cat crisis with their multiple adoption centers, and more are on the way. This is a big issue that most people don’t think about because feral cats aren’t always in sight.

Feral cats and strays are often lumped together, however the two are very different. Vice President of the Catty Shack, Lori Ryder says that feral cats are born in the wild and have never known love or trust. They’re fearful of humans and steer clear from them no matter what, even if that means missing out on a meal.

These wild cats can be domesticated but it’s a lengthy process according to the Director of Operations at Art 4 Animals, Tinesha Shay Hasson.

“It is possible to bring a feral cat back, but it depends on how much time, love and patience you’re willing to invest in it” – Hasson

One method of tackling this feral frenzy is through the TNR program. This stands for trap, neuter and release. It stops cats from breeding which Ryder says poses a threat to the cat populace’s health.

“They can spread diseases which is FeLV or Lukemia or AIDS to other cats so your domesticated cat that you’ve put outside sometimes can come in contact with them.” -Ryder

There are many ways to help out our alley cat allies. You can help out at one of London’s many adoption centers and be sure to spay or neuter your pet.


Feral frenzy

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