London Police Colour recognize 10 year mark

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London Police Colour recognize 10 year mark


10 years since the initial dedication of the London Police Service Colour was cause for celebration on Thursday.

Officers gathered at the Cenotaph at Victoria Park for a parade led by the Colour Guard and the familiar sounds of bagpipes. The procession led to St. Peters Cathedral Basilica, where officers entered for a ceremony.

Police Chief John Pare was one of the speakers “Colours are the memorials to the great deeds, sacrifices and dedication to the service of the men and women, officers and civilians of the London Police Service. It is meant to serve as an inspiration for the future and to challenge members to meet and exceed achievements of those who have come before them.”

Police Chief John Pare addresses the crowd during the 10th anniversary of the Police Colours


Back in 2007, the London Police had one of their biggest and most significant events to mark 150 years of service. They presented and dedicated a brand new Coat of Arms and their Colour. It was a chance to celebrate a rich history, reflect on accomplishments and reinforce core principles.

Former Chief of Police, Murray Faulkner had a big hand in securing the Colours for his staff “We had to go to the Queen. I’d say that it wasn’t maybe a high priority at Buckingham Palace, but with a lot of persuasion we had it moved through their office and the Queen signed it. I still have the approving signature at home.”

The London Police Service are one of the few in all of Canada to have official Colours done the proper way.

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