Fanshawe students’ concerns on potential strike

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Fanshawe students' concerns on potential strike

Instructors at Ontario colleges may go on strike in October. The Ontario Public Service Employees Union, or OPSEU, represents over 12,000 college faculty members, and have placed a “seeking non-board” report. The filing of this action is a move towards contract changes.

College faculty members are taking a stand for better treatment and better wages for contract employees.

Talk of a potential strike is concerning Fanshawe students about where this would leave them.

Laura Bertuzzo is a Broadcast-Television student at Fanshawe College and feels it may interrupt her education.

“It actually really worries me, I pay a lot to be here. I’m here for the learning experience.”

Bertuzzo continued to say that she understands that teachers have their reasons for striking, but wants instructors to keep students in mind.

If OPSEU chooses to take their union member out of schools, classes would cease and communication between instructors and students would be limited.

Issues of finishing the academic year, or potentially not graduating are not likely.

Fanshawe posted an article regarding the strike, and stated the following:

Regardless of how events unfold, please remember that no Ontario college student has ever lost a year because of a strike.

Fanshawe is committed to providing the best for their faculty, but their priority for students’ education and success remains.


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