The Jaywalking myth

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Jaywalking is a problem that raises many safety concerns with students attempting to cross numerous lanes of traffic in order to catch a bus. Especially on campus, students are notorious for jaywalking as it has become a predominate mode of convenience.

Students are told that jaywalking on campus can result in a major fine from the campus police. While this is a deterrent for jaywalking, it is only a myth. Special Constable at Fanshawe College, Lisa Johnston clarifies how jaywalking is a Highway Traffic Act Provision and campus police cannot enforce it.

“Certainly, we like to be proactive and talk to people. It’s not anything that we would enforce in a sense of writing a ticket or anything like that but we do like to be proactive and community policing is a big part of our program here so we do like to talk to students and provide them with the information on safety,” Johnston reveals.

While campus police cannot enforce jaywalking, the London Police do as it is under their jurisdiction. Jaywalking is not just the polices issue as the city of London has taken notice and is trying to implement safer alternatives for students and vehicles.

City Councillor for Ward 6, Phil Squire explains how the City of London is trying to discourage jaywalking, “the challenge for is to find a way to combine things. In other words, to combine a bus stop with a crosswalk so that it’s a natural crossing where that happens.”

Squire emphasizes that while the city is doing everything they can to create a safer and more convenient way for students to cross the streets, institutions are doing their part as well, “the University itself is exploring having a car-free campus. They haven’t finalized anything but I know it’s a discussion that’s going on.”

While this is a major safety concern for not only pedestrians but vehicles as well, Squire adds that, “at the end of the day, there’s no magic solution to prevent jaywalking.”

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