Do Fanshawe students really want a reading week?

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Do Fanshawe students really want a reading week?

While Fanshawe students will be returning from Thanksgiving weekend preparing for their next week of class, majority of students will be enjoying their fall reading week. Almost all universities and just under half of colleges have a reading week in both the fall and spring semester. Fanshawe only has the one spring reading week. According to Fanshawe economics professor Darren Chapman, if Fanshawe wants a fall reading week, they have to be prepared to give up a week they usually have off.

“Our choices are, we can start before labour day and have a reading week so we get less summer. Or we can start after labour day and have a reading week that imposes onto Christmas.” Chapman said. “There’s only so many weeks in the term.”

One problem with starting before Labour Day is that many leases start on September first. This would cause more stress for students than not having a reading week mid-semester. Fanshawe has asked the student population before about shortening winter break. To no one’s surprise the students didn’t take to the idea. Over the summer on the Fanshawe Facebook page there was a discussion about implementing a reading week. The students answered back with an almost unanimous yes.

Former Fanshawe Student Union president (FSU) Carlie Forsythe, contributed to the feedback on the Facebook post.

“I would love to see a reading week in the fall semester. The college is curious to hear what students think, so we may be partnering to start the discussion. That aside, you may not see a reading week implemented until close to 2020, as academic schedules are made about a year or so in advance,” Forsythe said.

Instead of a reading week, Fanshawe will be hosting a “World Mental Health Day” event during the week that other students are on reading week. The picture below has information on the event.



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