Sexually Transmitted Infections on the rise in London

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Sexually transmitted Infections (STIs) is ranked among the most important health issues for the people, especially the young adults in canada. We’ve come along way in the treatment and prevention of STIs, considering HIV is now a chronic and manageable disease rather than a death sentence.
Even in light of cures and effective preventable treatments, STIs rates are rising within the youth of Canada and are at the most risk of infection. According to the public health agency of Canada, chlamydia is the most commonly reported STI in Canada and rates have increased significantly  since it became a notifiable infection in 1991. Gonorrhea and Syphilis have also seen an increase in the last decade and doctors believe this is caused by a number of factors.
One of these factors is dating apps like tinder and grinder, where people search for potential partners with the simple swipe of a screen. Its easier than ever to have casual hookups and flings more often compared to other generations before the world of internet dating.
Another factor of the increase of STIs is coincided with the slashing of funding for public health programs and clinics which provide accessible testing, knowledge and treatments. Not as many young adults are able to access these clinics or cant go during the limited hours that they’re open, some simply are not educated enough on STIs to realize they should be getting tested.
John Doe, who decided not to use his real name due to the stigma of STIs explains his experiences with having STIs
” Everyone was kind about when i got HPV. The first person I told was my mother about it since at a young age she taught me about STIs and wanted to take the stigma away from me. My partner at the time was very understanding and the clinic I went to did everything to make sure I was confortable. Getting and STI isnt the end of the world or your sex life and not enough people understand that”
A starrling number of women, over 75% and over 40% of men dont show any symtoms of an STI. A lot of the time they will stay a systematic but you are still a carrier and can spread it to others you’re sexually active with. It is recommended to get checked after every new partner,having unprotected sex of any form, a condom breaking or after sharing any needles.
So with the rise of STIs continuing to grow, it’s smarter and safer to get yourself checked on frequent basis.

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