Student street or garbage dump

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Student street or garbage dump

Garbage consumes lawns, curbs and driveways on student streets, especially around garbage day. It’s an eyesore and the source of many complaints to the city of London.

It’s an issue for everyone in the area, like the building manager at 180 Mill street, Steve Fos. He says that garbage is always flying around the streets, and it’s worse after bar nights.

“The wind comes down here and it blows all down the lane and all over the streets.”

Students take responsibility for this mess. Western Student Karnav Pancholi says it’s the drunk students who are to blame.

“It’s a small street already so when drunk students walk by on garbage day, they knock over trash cans for fun”

Part of the problem is that students aren’t familiar with the waste management by-laws, which are in place to avoid issues like this. When asked about the by-laws, Pancholi couldn’t name any.

Everyone agrees that it’s time something is done about the trash.

“We’re willing to help out and fix the problem, it’s just too much to pick up”

Director of Environmental Programs and Solid Waste, Jay Stanford, explains that helping the problem starts with the landlords.

“The students have to work with the property owner to make sure they understand the rules of garbage and recycling pick up.”

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