Western USC reviews Club Policies for the first time

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Western USC reviews Club Policies for the first time

The entire Club Policy for Western University under the University Student Council (USC) is being reviewed for the first time in years. USC Student Program Officer, Mac MacIntosh says it hasn’t been reviewed since recent memory, and he’s been in the office since 2013.

“Minor changes have been made to policies throughout the years, but it isn’t as effective as reviewing the whole policy at once. It’s quite extensive, there are 7 or 8 different Club Policies and they all range from 2 to 10 pages. It’s quite the challenge to work through it all. However, it’s our priority to get through it all.”

Western has a total of 212 clubs this year. 100 applications were handed in this year to be ratified, but only 12 were accepted under the USC.

Animal Advocacy Western (AAW) was one of the clubs that were declined ratification. AAW aims to provide information to students and opportunities to work with organizations that helps animals in need. They hold multiple social events designed to engage students through the learning of animals and working with other students.

Towards the end of March, when AAW was declined ratification and only had five days under the USC Club Policy to apply for an appeal, the student members didn’t have time considering the busy exam season. The issue is the Club Governance Committee that reviews the applications and appeals are also students trying to juggle everything alongside their exams.

“Honestly, it wasn’t enough time, it was right before exams when everything is due and I just didn’t have the time to do the appeal. I wish they gave us at least two weeks to get it together and perhaps that’s a suggestion they should look at,” explains Clifford.

USC Student Program Officer Mac MacIntosh has confirmed that policy changes could come with organizational changes, meaning the application process and deadlines could change to best support students.

“I think sometimes the process and our Club Policies put up red tape rather than guide people down a path. Right now, we don’t do that enough. We’re trying to evaluate it through a lens that best supports students,” shares MacIntosh.

The USC is expected to have the Club Policies reviewed by December, but it will most likely take until February. This means a different format for the start of next year. You still have time to review the current USC Club Policies to be aware and compare the significant changes to come.

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