Western’s hidden gem

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

In the Weldon Library at Western University, lies a hidden gem known as the Pride Library. There lies kinky collects and rainbow binded books, which most students don’t seem to know about.

What does the Pride Library have to be proud of? Pride Library Volunteer Coordinator, Alysha Anderson explains that that this library is completely unique compared to any institution across Canada.

“Only the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives in Toronto, which is separate from a University, is bigger than the Pride Library. It’s an immense collection I never imagined to find in London.”

In 1991, Professor James Miller was the first instructor to teach a class about LGBTQ+ issues. He noticed the Weldon Library didn’t have enough material for his students, so he started his own.

“His reading room stuck around. Since it began, all the books came from donors, they aren’t purchased by Western. It’s run entirely by volunteers. Up until 2006, we just functioned out of Dr. Miller’s office,” Anderson outlines the library’s history.

The Pride Library functions separately from Weldon, and receives donations from all over Canada. It doesn’t just operate as a library, but as a safe space for LGBTQ+ people and allys can relax, study, and feel welcome.

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