Chris Dias

Specialization: Announcing and Programming
Hometown: Leamington, ON
Dream Job/Aspirations:  Music Director
Best Known For: Playing FIFA 24/7
Favorite Music: Rap/R&B
Guilty Pleasure: Eating


Trent Blackwell

Specialization: Announcing and Sales
Hometown: Erin, ON
Dream Job/Aspirations: Writing promo’s and liners for Zack and Sam’s podcast 
Best Known For: Being “That Guy”
Favorite Music: Classic Rock
Guilty Pleasure: Watching Nickelodeon in my underwear

Isaac Piotrowski

Specialization: Promotions and Announcing
Hometown: St. Thomas, ON
Dream Job/Aspirations: Professional wrestling commentator
Best Known For: Knowing a lot about nothing
Favorite Music: Alternative
Guilty Pleasure: Sugar cookies


Emma Griffin

Specialization: Sales and Promotions
Hometown: Toronto
Dream Job/Aspirations: Travel the world
Best Known For: Puns
Favorite Music: Indie/Electronic
Guilty Pleasure: Bacon

Scott X Button
Scott Savard

Specialization: Talk Radio and Announcing
Hometown: Calgary, AB
Dream Job/Aspirations: Calling hockey games for the San Jose Sharks
Best Known For: Knowing too much about hockey and mixed martial arts
Favorite Music: Indie
Guilty Pleasure: I love Britney Spears more than I probably should…

Zack Snelgrove

Specialization: Talk and Writing
Hometown: Oshawa, ON
Dream Job/Aspirations: Have a podcast with Sam Downey
Best Known For: Flirting with Fiona
Favorite Musician: Kanye
Guilty Pleasure: Chilling in the couch room


Jon Tessier

Specialization: Announcing and Writing
Hometown: Windsor, ON
Dream Job/Aspirations: Manga writer/Voice-actor
Best Known For: Knowing everything about One Piece and Dragon Ball Z
Favorite music: Funk Rock Rap
Favorite Quote: “I’m sorry that took so much longer than the others… but I haven’t had much occasion to practice this one… this is what I call a Super Saiyan 3” – Goku

Erik Wedekind

Specialization: Announcing and Production
Hometown: Guelph, ON
Dream Job/Aspirations: World famous stand up comedian
Best Known For: Dirtiest facial hair 2K16
Favorite Music: Punk


Bailey X Button
Bailey Lowry

Specialization: Promotions and Programming
Hometown: Bothwell, ON (hence the country)
Dream Job/Aspirations: Promotions Coordinator or Event Planner
Best Known For: Being short
Favourite Music: Anything Country
Guilty Pleasure: Root beer and watching TV programs that make me seem like a middle-aged woman


Ajay X Button
Ajay Supaul 

Specialization: Announcing and Talk
Hometown: Brampton, ON
Dream Job/Aspirations: Radio Announcer/Voice Actor
Best Known For: Having too many pins on my beanie
Favourite Music: Alternative/Indie
Guilty Pleasure: Doodling


Naomi X Button
Naomi Kalynchuk

Specialization: Promotions and Writing
Hometown: Erin, ON
Dream Job/Aspiration: To be a great producer
Best Known For: My coloured hair
Favourite Musician: Marianas Trench
Guilty Pleasure: I listen to Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight”every time I play Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

Emma V X Button
Emma Vellinga

Specialization: Announcing and Production
Hometown: Chatham, ON
Dream Job/Aspiration: Work at a Top 40 station
Best Known For: My music taste and love of superheroes
Favourite Music: Pop Punk
Guilty Pleasure: Singing in the shower

Steph X Button
Steph Ferris

Specialization: Announcing
Hometown: London, ON
Dream Job/Aspiration: Become Casey Casem
Best Known For: Laugh
Favourite Musician: Florence and the Machine
Guilty Pleasure: Alphagetti

Rachel X Button
Rachel Moffat

Specialization: Promotions and Sales
Hometown: Innisfil, ON
Dream Job/Aspiration: Being a dog owner to multiple dogs
Best Known For: Beyonce’s #1 Fan
Favourite Musician: Arkells
Guilty Pleasure: Pickles

Dayna X Button
Dayna French

Specialization: Announcing and Promotions
Hometown: Bolton, ON
Dream Job/Aspiration: BO$$
Best Known For: Sexy voice, messy body! #DirtyDayna
Favourite Music: Rock n’ Roll Baby!
Guilty Pleasure: Serenading my demon cat with retro love ballads

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Brandon Bousfield X Button
Brandon Bousfield

Specialization: Talk and Writing
Hometown: Woodstock, ON
Dream Job/Aspiration: Be a successful voice actor or musician
Best Known For: Beating Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves, 39 times
Favourite Musician: Oasis and Echoing Concussion
Guilty Pleasure: Some top quality memes


Mary X Button
Mary Keeping

Specialization: Promotions and Writing
Hometown: Mississauga, ON
Dream Job/Aspiration: Broadcasting in Toronto
Best Known For: Being obsessed with dogs and whales
Favourite Music: Any R&B/Rap from the late 90s or early 2000s
Guilty Pleasure: Cesar Millan

Spencer X Button
Spencer Griffioen

Specialization: Writing and Talk
Hometown: London, ON
Dream Job/Aspiration: Comic Writer/Screenwriter for DC Comics
Best Known For: Still having an iPhone
Favourite Musician: Eminem

Kevin X Button
Kevin Boddy

Specialization: Announcing and Writing
Hometown: Barrie, ON
Dream Job/Aspiration: Program Director or Morning Host for an Alternative Rock station
Best Known For: My bad comedy that people tend to enjoy
Favourite Music: Alternative Rock and Grime
Guilty Pleasure: Sometimes liking Adam Sandler movies

Hutch X Button
Connor Hutchinson

Specialization: Production and Announcing
Hometown: Sarnia, ON (4life)
Dream Job/Aspiration: Being Drake’s hype man
Best Known For: I’m known for being the best Hutch in existence
Favourite Music: I am a lover of many good jams
Guilty Pleasure: A nice Kool-Aid Jammer

Ben X Button
Ben Shchudlo

Specialization: Talk and Promotions
Hometown: Mississauga, ON
Dream Job/Aspiration: Musician, voice acting
Best Known For: Being a prog snob
Favourite Musician: The Faceless
Guilty Pleasure: Pupper memes

Sam X Button
Sam Downey 

Specialization: Programming and Writing
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Dream Job/Aspiration: Have a podcast with Zack Snelgrove
Best Known For: Playing Air Guitar Everywhere
Favourite Musician: Indie/Psychadelic
Guilty Pleasure: Chilling in the Couch Room


DiMascio X button
Kyle Di Mascio

Specialization: Talk and Sales
Hometown: Oakville, ON
Dream Job/Aspiration: My Own Late Night TV Show
Favourite Musician: The Band
Guilty Pleasure: Nickleback

Maggie X Button

Maggie Freeman

Specialization: Production and Writing

Liam X Button
Liam Walmsley

Specialization: Talk and Writing

Ryan X button
Ryan Baskin

Specialization: Programming and Promotions

Conor X button
Conor Pittock

Specialization: Announcing and Production
Hometown: London, Ontario
Dream Job/Aspiration: Own and Operate a radio station
Favourite Music: Anything with a beat
Guilty Pleasure: Limp Bizkit

Brandon X Button
Brandon Bowman

Specialization: Talk and Announcing

Cam X Button
Cam Turnbull

Specialization: Talk and Promotions

Freed X Button
Matt Freedman

Specialization: Announcing and Talk

Kyle X Button
Kyle Rankin

Specialization: Announcing and Production

Sara X Button
Sara Emm

Specialization: Writing and Talk
Hometown: St Marys, ON
Dream Job/Aspirations: Music Director
Best Known For: Having Bad Luck
Favourite Musician: Eminem
Guilty Pleasure: True Crime TV