Psst.  Hey.  If you want to win free food by exposing your friends’ and family’s embarrassing eating habits, then I’m gonna need you to keep reading.

Carey’s Feeding Friend-zy is asking you to submit your videos of friends and family eating or drinking in weird or quirky ways.

C’mon.  SOMEONE you know does SOMETHING weird.

Upload those to 106.9 The X’s weekly Facebook post and you’ll be entered into a draw to win a $50.00 gift card to Carey’s Bar and Grill.

With the success we had from the last contest, we’re upping the stakes.  If you happen to be one of the lucky weekly winners, you’re also going to have a chance of winning a Go Pro.  Every fourth week, the winners of the previous three weeks will compete for votes to win the Go Pro. Voting closes Friday June 30th at 4:00 PM EST. The winner will be announced on Friday June 30th 5:00 PM EST.

We get it.  Some people know more strange eaters than others, so if you have more than one submission, upload that one too.  Enter early and often for the best chance of winning.


What do I have to do to enter?

To enter Carey’s Feeding Friend-zy, when prompted on 106.9 The X’s Facebook page, participants will upload a video they have recorded of someone who eats or drinks in a weird or funny way.

How do we choose the winner?

Carey’s Feeding Friend-zy contest will run for 12 weeks, which will be divided into three four-week segments.  Each segment will have four weekly contests with one prize awarded per week.  Each weekly contest will run from the time the post is rolled out on 106.9 The X’s Facebook page until the weekly contest closes on Friday at 4pm EST.  The winners of each week will be announced on Friday at 5pm EST.

The winner of each weekly contest for the first three weeks will be determined by a random draw which will be comprised of the names of people who have uploaded videos to the specific weekly Facebook prompt.  There is no limit on the number of times one person may enter the draw.

The winner of the fourth week of each segment will be determined through a voting period.  The qualifiers available to win the fourth week prize will be the three previous weekly winners of that particular segment.  Winners of the weekly prize of other segments will not be included.

Qualifiers will compete with each other for votes on a poll created by 106.9 The X, and will be found on 106.9 The X’s Facebook page.

The winner of the fourth week will be the person who achieves the most votes of the three contestants within the voting period.

The chances of winning the weekly random draw will be determined by the number of people who have entered their submission to the Facebook post by the weekly deadline of Friday at 4pm EST.


The weekly prize for the first three weeks of each segment is:

– one (1) $50.00 gift card for Carey’s Bar and Grill

The winner of the prize will be picked in a random draw from a list of respondents to the weekly post.


The winner of fourth week of the segment will receive:

– one (1) GoPro HERO Session valued at $209.99


Winners of each weekly prize will be required to successfully answer a skill-testing question at the time the prize is picked up.

Participants must be residents of London to enter contest.


For full contest rules and regulations click here