By submitting music using this form, the artist(s)/group agrees that the music and lyrics submitted is their own and/or is being used with written permission of the original copyright owner (this includes, but is not limited to, material containing any samples, lyrics, and/or music that was written or performed in the past by another artist(s) or group).

Music submitted having written permission of the original copyright owner understand that it is their responsibility to provide appropriate documentation to Radio Fanshawe Inc. proving copyright permission(s) have been legally obtained, please contact us directly to arrange exchange of documentation should this be the case. If you attempt to submit music without the permission of the copyright owner, you are subject to any penalties, fines and charges that may be enforced by the various municipal, provincial and federal laws as determined by the regulating authorities.

While we welcome all music submissions, it is encouraged that you listen to our broadcast properties and pre-determine if your music would be strongly considered for air (in many cases we receive material that is not of the musical style/genre or contains lyrical/content issues). As a Campus-Community CRTC licensed station, broadcasting from Fanshawe College, we are committed to providing an upbeat/positive sound that is free of negativity and disrespectful lyrical content.

It is mandatory that all submissions be a high quality recording and is “radio friendly” as determined at the discretion of Fanshawe Radio Inc. (no editing will be done on your behalf and your submission will be immediately rejected if it is deemed to not be ready for radio broadcast).

All submissions must use the online process below, including a SoundCloud link. Please note that no in-person submissions will be accepted. Your submission grants Radio Fanshawe Inc. permission to use the music on-air as deemed necessary. Should your submission be chosen for broadcast purposes you will be contacted using the information below (please note: no follow up will be given on any submission that is not chosen for airplay).

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