Do you want to have a virtual reality experience?


From October 3, 2016 to October 14, 2016 every weekday 106.9 The X will be running the IN2 Games In2 Virtual Reality contest. 106.9 The X will post a video showing one of our announcers playing a virtual reality game using IN2 Games virtual reality simulator.

Included in the video will be 4 options to choose from where the listener will try and guess the virtual reality experience.

How To Qualify

To qualify for the contest, contestants must comment on the video the correct experience the announcer is having, and tag a friend.

Later that same day at 6:30pm another video will be posted showing footage of the game as well as the announcer playing the game. All entrants that have correctly answered the VR experience the announcer is playing, will qualify for the grand prize draw.

On Friday October 14, 2016 The X will count up all the participants that correctly qualified for the contest and one winner will win the VR giveaway package based off a random draw.

The winner will be announced Friday October 14, 2016 during the Hot 7@7.


IN2 Games will provide a VR giveaway package that includes a virtual reality party prize pack for a group of 3-5 friends. (3 hours of VR valued at $225)

For more information of IN2 Games Virtual Reality experience click the image below

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