New London business adopts endangered animals

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Its called Ezzy Lynn, and for every 25 hair accessories they sell they adopted an endangered animal through the world wildlife fund.

The business was founded in May 2014 by three Western University graduates. The three girls met in the entrepreneurial space in London through Bizinc.

” We knew we wanted to start a business, we knew we loved fashion, and we loved animals. The rest from there is history!” said Samantha Laliberte, one of three Co-Founders of Ezzy Lynn.

Each hair scrunchie the girls produce is named after an endangered animal and is only made from vegan materials. This allows for the brand to take pride in leaving no animal bi products through their production process.

“All materials used are vegan, so theirs no animal bi product from the elastic or the other materials we choose. So instead of silk we will use honey bee silk, instead of using real leather we’ll use cork leather,” Laliberte said.

The new business was selected as the first recipient in the region for the $5000 Start Company Grant offered by Ontario’s Youth Jobs Strategy program.

Ezzy Lynn has adopted 15 animals to date including: Gorillas, Giant Pandas, Tigers, and Amur Leopards.




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