Wind farms raising health concerns

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Wind farms raising health concerns

Disputes between Ontario wind companies and residents are becoming more common as many wonder about the potential health risks associated with living in proximity to wind turbines.

The legal fight between three farm families and a wind company in the Goderich area began Monday, as the families have brought two wind projects to court in hopes of completely stopping the construction of large wind turbines.

A recent study done by Jamie Baxter and Chad Walker at Western University addressed such common rhetoric regarding this type of renewable energy, in hopes of better understanding the relationship between wind farms and the surrounding communities.

“Renewable energy, wind energy included, was originally designed to help with things like health pollution so it’s difficult when health concerns are brought forward against renewable energy when they are meant to improve human health” says Walker.

PhD student Chad Walker that worked on the Western Study says communication between the localities and the wind companies is important for positive development of wind energy as a renewable source of energy.

Walker adds, “If we want to keep going with renewable energy, we need to listen to these concerns [and] study them”

Health Canada is currently doing a study in the health effects of wind turbines and wind farms on nearby residents.


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