Skills that could save your life

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Life saving skills

Ontario Plum Blossom Martial Arts Academy and Fanshawe Security, believe learning self-defense skills now could save your life in the case of an attack. Both London groups offer programs to teach these life-saving techniques.

Click here for the full “The importance of self-defense” video.

Sifu Chantelle Kudding, Head Instructor and Director of Ontario Plum Blossom says she wants her students to get a lot more than just a workout when taking her martial arts class. She wants them to learn self-defense. ” It is an art that can ‘kill many birds with one stone’. Great for fitness, where you are literally focusing on both mind and body together. They become one.”

As a 30 year old woman, Chantelle Kudding says she can identify with with women of all ages and encourages them to join a class where you don’t have care about the way you look.

“I am super feminine and I clearly show it, […] but Kung Fu is a place that I can show up, no one cares what I look like. I am respected for my confidence, my strong demeanour”, says Kudding.

Kudding adds, “self-defense is my passion and my expertise. The fitness aspect, the social aspect all come into play, but it is my mission to share my knowledge and show people that this is really for everyone!”

Ontario Plum Blossom will be offering student discounts for their classes, as well as drop-in class options.

Fanshawe College is also offering students free R.A.D (Rape Aggression Defense) program for women. This certification program teaches females a variety of practical hands-on tactics and defence techniques.

The next upcoming two-day R.A.D program at Fanshawe will be running March 11th and 12th, 2015 and females students are advised to register beforehand.


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