St. John’s Ambulance pet first aid training

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St. John's Ambulance pet first aid training

St. John’s Ambulance services in London are helping residents learn vital CPR and first aid training for their pets. The training techniques are similar to those learnt on humans as they use mannequins to practise various techniques such as resuscitation from choking. Dwight Webber, the business development coordinator at St. John’s Ambulance, explained that the techniques for resuscitation vary depending on the size of an animal but the course is primarily taught for cats and dogs.

If CPR and first aid techniques do not work or if pet owners are not aware of how to assist their pet in case of an emergency, the next step would be to call a local veterinarian for further assistance. Knowledge of first aid is crucial for pet owners as it could make the difference between a pet living or surviving in the case of emergency, and especially due to the fact there are no emergency ambulance services available for animals.

CPR training sessions are beginning the week of September 26th here in London.


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