Londoners walk for a good cause

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

It’s time to tie up those running shoes and start warming up. The 14th annual Walk For ALS has now come to London.

Co-founder and committee chair member of the ALS walk, Dora Redmond, says that the first ever walk was a struggle to put together, “It wasn’t easy and it took a lot of work to get it organized, but we had a wonderful walk for the first one in 2001.”

Around 1,000 people were in attendance and Leslie McAdam, event organizer, says that London has the largest walk in Canada, “We’re the biggest walk in terms of numbers and we’ve been that for almost 15 years. We’ll continue to do the walk annually and support the families.”

McAdam says that all the money is going to be donated to find a cure for ALS and to help support families.

“40% of the money goes to research and 60% goes to the families but if that needs shifts, then we will give more to the families and less to research.”

The London Walk For ALS has raised over $178,000 so far.  The goal for the 2015 eidition of the walk is $295,000 and their four year goal is $1,000,000.


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