All candidates meeting

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
All candidates meeting

This evening NDP, Liberal and the Green Party candidates came to the “All Candidates Roundtable” hosted by the Women’s Events Committee. The room was split into different tables which represented different ridings. Community members sat at their appropriate riding and candidates rotated table to table. Each rotation lasted 20 minutes where members of the community had the chance to get to know each candidate as well as ask them important questions.

Topics discussed ranged from issues surrounding the aging population, the minimum wage, taxes, child care and lots more.

NDP candidate German Gutierrez answered questions about the aging population as well as raising minimum wage and lowering the small business tax. He also says that one main point to take away is that the government needs to be with the people and, “beside people when they need it most.”

Liberal candidate Peter Fragiskatos explained one of the reasons he is running is his connection to London as well as the problems he say what volunteering in London. He discussed how important child care is and how child benefit’s should be based on income.

Green Party Candidate Carol Dyck explains the issue surrounding recent graduates not being able to find jobs, and how important that is. As well she says no to unpaid internships and explains the issues that many students face when it comes to student debt.

Though the Conservative Party could not attend, the Women’s Events Committee suggested Tweeting candidates so that they could share their answers to issues as well.


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